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With love... from Gotsurf!

Posted: 2011-02-14
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Love is just like surfing...

some waves break to to the right,

Others to the left,

A few are closing out (INSERT NAME(s) HERE)...

Some are warm and exotic... others are frigid and cold...


Ok – ok I better stop that poem now since we do not want to create a wave of divorce and/or expatriate among the Canadian surf communities! Lol

Let's get to the point:

Well, Gotsurf contributor Adam Dewolfe decided to tell her girlfriend Isabelle how much he loves her with a Valentines's day video! Not many men will make a video to tell her about it. But the boy did it in a beautiful artsy way! Go, lucky girl!

But that was not enough for the lover ...Adam decided also to send the video to two surf websites he loves so much: KORDUROY & GOTSURF.


Thank you so much Adam for the blind date! You are to surfing what Cupid is to love ;)

Korduroy – We have been following you since day one of your DIY surfing website. You guys always sparked huge inspiration to us! Keep on the good work! We LOVE YOU :)

Whoa – so much emotion for today! Feel the love folks – it's in the air!

Bye now!

Happy Valentine's day - gotsurf.ca

Happy Valentine's day - gotsurf.ca

Happy Valentine's day - gotsurf.ca

Happy Valentine's day - gotsurf.ca

Also in love with Korduroy.tv

Korduroy - Valentine's day - gotsurf.ca


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