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Posted: 2013-03-03
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Our vision for “Canada’s Got Surf project” was to gather some of the best Canadian surfers and filmmakers and go explore uncharted Canadian territory in search of interesting, and hidden, waves to surf, and we certainly succeeded. 

Over the three years of the Got Surf project, we discovered a country rich with surf “stoke” along both coastlines and tucked into the lakes, bays and rivers across the country. Through the site and the community we created, we were able to share these discoveries and our alternative approach to surf media and hopefully we  inspired the next generation of creative filmmakers or surfers to do the same. To inspire was always one of our main goals.

Unfortunately, pursuing and sharing this passion does require funding, and we haven’t been able to secure the financial support required to keep this project alive...for now. 

It was a labour love and none of it would have happened without the passion and sweat of the three surfers behind this project: Adam Dewolfe, Patrice LaCroix and Marc-André Laurin.

We thank you for your enthusiasm and support over the years. Hopefully you agree that we created a new voice for surfing in Canada. 

We will keep some of our social networks alive with our work and inspiration. Find us on on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/gotsurf.ca), Instagram (http://instagram.com/gotsurf) and twitter (https://twitter.com/canadagotsurf

Our crew are also looking for the revival of this project with a major sponsor whose message fits with us and also has the guts to invest into an innovative branded content surf project in Canada. We will keep you posted or if you are interested to know more, contact us at at info@gotsurf.ca

Over this time, you can follow the team behind Gotsurf.ca at

Adam Dewolfe - http://www.adamdewolfe.com/

Patrice LaCroix - http://la.croix.in/

Marc-André Laurin - http://malaurin.tumblr.com/












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