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Raph Bruhwiler aboard the Gotsurf project

Posted: 2010-08-02
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Raph Bruhwiler is the first Canadian surfer to be aboard the gotsurf project - You will hear a lot about him and his adventures on Gotsurf.ca - Watch his introductory video right here.



-Date of birth: dec 27 ,1974

-Place of birth: Quebec

-Weight: 170 lbs

-Local spot: S  Chestermans

-Favorite place to travel?: anywhere with good waves

-Favorite board (specs): 6' - 18' 3/8" - 2' 1/8"

-Fins you like to ride: G5 or k fins from FCS

-Favorite surfers: Tom Curren and Kelly Slater

-What are you looking for your life experience: Surfing big waves is always a new experience because i don't do it as much as i would like. Learn something new every time.

-Your dark side? Home body.

-What do you expect with the gotsurf project? To entertain people with the trips we do looking for surf. We do them anyway so might as well document them.

-Sponsors: Quiksilver, Oakley sunglasses and Ocean Minded Shoes


 Raph Bruhwiler portrait on Gotsurf.ca

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