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Posted: 2011-05-08
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Life instruction - gotsurf.ca



Life sometime can keep your ass seriously busy! The classic type of human will need three simple basic things to keep him happy: Love – Health (body–soul–mind) – wealth (in all it's forms). Especially lately, it seems like we were all busy somewhere trying to accomplish whatever mission LIFE thrown at us.

It's been a month we haven't post anything on gotsurf.ca... and please forget the idea that this is because we're dying slowly in front of our computer with a desperate white screen.

Gotsurf is telling the true stories of true individuals who have the guts to invest their spare time in one collective project. They are real people, living real life... If it get busy, it get interesting! Basic math.

Glad to be back folks :)

Now let's get busy...









Life is short - gotsurf.ca






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