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Wefi Cedar Surfboards

Posted: 2011-08-25
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 Gotsurf Q& A with Randy Weflen of Wefi Surfboards Lantzville, BC

 (Gotsurf) Your boards are beautiful, about how long does it take start to finnish to craft a wefi hollow cedar surfboard?

 (Randy) Depending on size,shape and deatails one might want inlayed in the skin of the board, a hollow cedar surfboard can take from 2 to 3 weeks finished. 

(Gotsurf) What inspired you to start making hollow cedar surfboards?

 (Randy) I've always had a passion for woodworking and i made it my career at an early age. Taking up surfing on the side and being able to combine the 2 turned out to be something pretty amazing for me. The reaction from those on the beach to a real wooden surfboard lead to many questions."how does it ride?" "how long will they last?"ect.. kinda gave me the motivation to expose a product like this. Every time we go out on these things, it always starts off with a15 min. conversation about them on the shoreline before we get the chance to ride them. Every time a board gets done, i cant wait to start another..

(Gotsurf) You say in your video they are heavier than a regular board  but last for generations , how do they ride?

 (Randy) Yes our boards are heavier.. but only on land. in the water, a wefi board turns its weight into energy and momentum .. the airspace inside them creates a bit more buoyancy than foam boards do.. the feed back we get is that they carry far more momentum down the wave, dampens down choppy surf, and the extra weight helps them carry through there turns nicely.. with the vent plug snugged down and the airspace concealed, the boards have a more lively feel to them as the density is higher than a foam board.

(Gotsurf) What happens to a hollow board when they get a good ding and water gets in?

(Randy) Its actually very impressive how much abuse these boards can take. Wood itself doesn't absorb as much water as foam does. but if you did hit something hard enough to puncture right through, its a matter of draining the board out and having air circulate through it till it dried out.. at the point a repair can be made. A wood board itself before glassing is still stronger than a glassed foam board.. you don't get pressure dents and heel dents in the decks.. we also use an epoxy resin when we glass the boards that penetrates the cedar creating an extra barrier if u got a decent ding. these boards are built for the long haul..

(Gotsurf) What is you favourite board you have shaped so far?

(Randy) my favourite board since day 1 has always been the 5'10" fish. ive made them in a twin fin or quad fin design with deep conceives.. the swallow tail is always a treat to construct out of wood ;)

(Gotsurf) If someone wants to check out one of your shapes are they in any of Vancouver islands shops?

(Randy) Ide like to get the boards in shops this year. currently they have just been built and sold through word of mouth.. But stay tuned as they will be available for local shops shortly.

(Gotsurf) What kind of projects do you have with wefi Surfboards in the future?

(Randy) Ive always had a passion for teaching.. in the future wefi will be offering classes on how to build your very own hollow cedar surfboard.. as well as offering a few kits for those do it yourselfers..as far as a location.. that is still unknown. but i think an opportunity for people to build there very own board would expose unknown talents in some and exciting accomplishments in others.

Thanks for giving us your time Randy, Cheers from all of us at Gotsurf.

Check out Wefi Surfboards here 

or email Randy here wefisurfboards@gmail.com




 Wefi Surfboards - Gotsurf.ca

Wefi Surfboards - Gotsurf.ca

Wefi Surfboards - Gotsurf.ca

Wefi Surfboards - Gotsurf.ca

Wefi Surfboards - Gotsurf.ca

Wefi Surfboards - Gotsurf.ca

Wefi Surfboards - Gotsurf.ca

Wefi Surfboards - Gotsurf.ca



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