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Posted: 2011-12-18
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 We have been meaning to do this post for a long time to tell all who have been hiding under a rock about a website who inspire us every day. Korduroy.tv is a alternative digital surf website who specialize in spreading "digital aloha" as they call it. They have been running now for two years and have changed how the surf world looks at surf videos. Consistently making original clips and giving a platform to new and emerging artists filmmakers shapers, surfers. We salute you Korduroy. Their team have been good to us here at Gotsurf and we appreciate it very much.   

Recently the crew at Korduroy have started a Kickstarter.com project in order to keep there site going they are rasing funds and need all of our support. Follow this link to see more on this  &  watch there video on the kickstarter page.


Money is tight for most these days but i know any support they get helps. Also with your donation they are trading out sticker packs, yummy snacks , T-shirts,surf films, Test ride some of Cyrus's Boards!!! .  Well worth the contribution to help the stoke flow......

Here are a chunk of our favourite Korduroy episodes to get the idea of what these kids do.


Korduroy logo_Gotsurf.ca Korduroy.tv


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